The Centre of Excellence in Research & Innovation in Social Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities, is an interdisciplinary Research Centre at the European University Cyprus. It promotes active collaboration between researchers, theorists, academics, practitioners and the public towards achieving interdisciplinary scientific excellence and promoting social change. Adopting an approach of Responsible Research, Sustainability, and Innovation, the Centre particularly aims at enabling the public’s participation in broadening the development of today’s knowledge-based society, through the public’s engagement with the Social Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities. The Centre has a current/running research funding of more than 800,000 Euros. Currently, a total of 9 as Research Associates in the 13 running research projects of the Centre. The Centre is directed by Professor Loucas Louca.

The Centre consists of 7 Multidisciplinary Research Units (MRUs) with an inter-disciplinary group of experts and researchers.


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