Prof. Loucas Louca

Prof. Loucas Louca is the Director of the The Center of Excellence in Research & Innovation. He is Professor of Science Education and the Director of the Inquiry in Science and Math Education Research Group at the Department of Education Sciences at the European University Cyprus. He has a long-standing interest in supporting teacher’s professional development in science education. He also brings in broad expertise in cooperating in various EU projects. His research interests focus on student abilities for inquiry in STEM, and on teachersʼ instructional strategies for promoting student inquiry in STEM, as well as teachers’ responsiveness to student abilities in scientific inquiry. He has been involved in several nationally funded projects as well as European funded projects, focusing on student thinking in science, teacher professional development, modeling-based learning in science, development of curriculum materials, promoting opportunities for gender balance in science education, and promoting inquiry-based teaching and learning in STEM education. He is also interested in the use of authentic videotaped lessons as tools for teachersʼ pre-service and in-service professional development.

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