Dr. Maria Papazachariou Christoforou

Dr. Papazachariou – Christoforou, is a music educator and currently an Assistant Professor of Music Education & Pedagogy at the Department of Arts at the European University of Cyprus. She directs and teaches courses in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Music, and she is the coordinator of the PhD program in Music. Her research interests include sociological dimensions of music pedagogy, meaning of musical experience and identities, contemporary democratic teaching approaches and informal music learning practices, Music Education in early childhood, and lifelong music engagement and wellbeing. She has worked in Public Primary Education in Cyprus as a music educator for 25 years (1993-2018) and served also from the position of Director Officer at the Pedagogical Institute Cyprus for Music Education in Early Childhood and Primary education. She has been a member of the Scientific Committee for the development, and implementation of the current Music Curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth Cyprus (2010-2015) and she has prepared and taught education programs and interventions at schools (2007 – 2018) and in collaboration with the Cyprus Symphonic Orchestra. Dr. Papazachariou – Christoforou is actively involved in music education research projects in collaboration with music educators and researchers all over the world. She is a member of ISME, EEME, Cipem and GIML and she has presented research papers at conferences in Cyprus and abroad. Her network with seminal academics and researchers around the world directs and influences her practice according to the newest tendencies of music education worldwide.

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