Yianna Christophorou

Yianna Christophorou studied Visual Communication at Middlesex University and also holds a Master’s Degree in Typographic Studies from the University of the Arts London (London College of Communication). She is a board member of the Research laboratory ‘Cultural Studies and Contemporary Arts’ and also one of the founding members of the International Motion Festival. Her professional practice and academic research pivots around Book Design, Visual Identity, Typography and the relationship between design, visual communication and social change. As a practitioner Yianna Christophorou is active in both commercial and experimental graphic design. Her work has been accepted in International Art Festivals locally and abroad such as I Love Graphics Festival, Girona Film Festival and United Designs International Poster Biennial. Her most recent practice-based projects include the creation of a series of logotypes for ‘Interfaces’, an International Interdisciplinary Project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the design of a literature book titled ‘Aya’ supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the production of a motion graphics video for the interdisciplinary project ‘The Wonderland Project’, funded by Pharos Trust.

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