Vlada Stankovic

Vlada Stanković is Professor of Byzantine Studies and Head of the Chair for Byzantine Studies at the University of Belgrade. He is founder and Director of the Center for Cypriot Studies at the same University (since 2010). He earned his degrees at the University of Belgrade and specialized in the Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies in Vienna (2004) and in Athens as a holder of an Alexander S. Onassis fellowship (2005). He was Visiting Professor at the University of Ioannina, and was a Member at the School of Historical Studies of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (2014/2015). He is member of the Editorial Board of Byzantinische Zeitschrift from 2009. He has lectured at Universities in Greece, on Cyprus, in Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, the U.S., Spain, and China. Experienced in Distance Learning, he was a member of the adjunct teaching staff at the Open University of Cyprus (2009-2010), teaching in Undergraduate Program Studies in Hellenic culture, and is a member of teaching staff at the MA Program Hellenic Studies at the European University Cyprus since 2018. Vlada Stanković is the author of five monographs, more than three dozen scholarly articles, editor of two collective volumes, and Editor in Chief of Lexington Book’s series Byzantium A European Empire and Its Legacy. He studies Byzantine history, culture and literature, the Balkans and East Mediterranean in the Middle Ages and in contemporary times.

Vlada Stankovic is member of the Academic Staff (Adjunct Professor) of the MA Hellenic Studies (18 Months / 90 ECTS, E-Learning): History, Archaeology and Art, Heritage Management of the European University Cyprus.


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