Thea Skoulia

Thea Skoulia is a PhD researcher in Science Education. She holds MA in Science Education (University of Cyprus), B.Ed in Primary Education (European University Cyprus) and BA in Philosophy and Education with a specialization in Education (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). Ms Skoulia has worked in a number of European funded research projects, as well as nationally funded projects related to Science Education, focusing on student thinking in science, teacher professional development, development of curriculum materials, promoting opportunities for gender balance in science education, and promoting inquiry-based teaching and learning in science education. Her research interests focus on in-service and pre-service teachers’ abilities for developing, adapting and implementing inquiry-based lessons in elementary science education, on teachers’ instructional strategies for promoting student inquiry in science, teacherʼs responsiveness for student abilities for scientific inquiry, and teacherʼs (pre- and in-service) Pedagogical Content Knowledge. She has also long experience in teaching in primary schools.

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