EY Zipris

E.Y. Zipris works at the intersection of art, history, education, interpretation, and social justice with 20 years’ experience in the cultural sector. She is currently a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University researching the impact of web3 technology, specifically decentralization and digitally autonomous organizations, on cultural institutions. Previously, E.Y. led innovation and change at the Museum of the City of New York as Director of Education and is now on faculty at Teachers College and CUNY teaching graduate museum studies courses that upend traditional curricular boundaries to create transformative cross disciplinary moments within and around museological spaces. Zipris’ early graduate studies as a Museum Anthropology masters student centered her decades long work on monuments and memorials with early investigations and writings on structural historical forgetting contrasted with models of counter monuments dedicated to war and violence. Over the years, Zipris and Stylianou, first as graduate students and then as practitioners and academics, have embarked on numerous projects together focusing on art, public forms, and urban spaces.

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