Eleni Philippou

Eleni Philippou is a travel writer, event photographer and blogger who gets a kick out of uncovering new lands and cultures. She thirsts for new, eye-opening experiences and through her work, aims to encourage fellow adventurous minds to live and travel consciously. She trots through life with a journal, a pen and a camera in her backpack, documenting life in her own quirky way. She studied Spanish and International Media Communications at the University of Nottingham and this thrill for writing and photography grew during her Erasmus year when she lived the Andalusian life to the fullest and in Panama where she discovered a love for yuca and papayas. An islander at heart with big dreams, Eleni yearns to explore the unfamiliar, the ordinary and the peculiar, as does her writing and photography. Currently, she freelances for travel publications and platforms such as Culture Trip and The Travelettes, writes for the Cyprus Mail and photographs events.

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