Dr. Maria Papazachariou – Christoforou

Maria Papazachariou-Christoforou (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor in Music Education & Pedagogy

Department of Education Sciences

European University Cyprus



Dr. Maria Papazachariou-Christoforou currently holds the position of Assistant Professor in Music Education and Pedagogy at the Department of Education Sciences at the European University of Cyprus. She is highly regarded in her field and is also the Director of the LifeLong Music Engagement Research Unit, SosciEAtH, and a Board Member of EuNetMERYC.

Dr. Papazachariou-Christoforou has a vast research portfolio, with primary interests in the sociological dimensions of music pedagogy and musical identities, music education in early childhood, informal learning practices, and lifelong music engagement and well-being. She is an active member of GIML, specializing in Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory. Furthermore, she is the coordinator of the “Music During Pregnancy and Infancy” parenting educational program.

Dr. Papazachariou-Christoforou has an extensive professional background, with 25 years of experience as a music educator in public education in Cyprus. She has also worked as the Director of Music Education at the Pedagogical Institute in Cyprus. Her research work and expertise have been recognized by the academic community worldwide. She has presented research papers at numerous conferences and has published several peer-reviewed journal papers and research papers in referred conference proceedings. She has also supervised several postgraduate research theses and doctoral dissertations.

Dr. Papazachariou-Christoforou’s contributions to the field of music education have been invaluable and her research has provided significant insights into the lifelong benefits of music engagement and education.

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