Creative Practice as Research: Discourse on Terminologies (PART I)

This series of roundtable discussions is co-organized between the CSCA Lab and the Lifelong Music Engagement Unit of the Centre of Excellence and Innovation in the Social Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities (SOSCIEATH). It aims at bringing together practitioners and researchers from various disciplines in the arts (design, visual arts, music, dance etc) and open a forum of dialogue about key terms relevant to the arts as a form of research, alternative and expanded methods, the use of creative approaches and practice, as well as the challenges of publishing creative research.

PART I will focus on terminology and engage in an in-depth discussion of key terms such as practice-based, practice-led, arts-based research, creative practice as research etc.

PART II will focus on discussing the varied methodological approaches to creative practice and how creative activity can be both the process and the product in research.

Stay tuned for exact details / dates.

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