Research Circulation in Teacher Education

Acronym: RECITE

Yeas: 2018-2021

Funded by: KA2, Erasmus +, European Commission

Brief description: It is widely recognized that connections between research and practice in teacher education need to be strengthened (Cochran-Smith 2005; Lunenberg et al. 2014; Munthe & Rogne 2015). RECITE addresses this need by highlighting a range of responsible practices in the production and circulation of research within teacher education to build up an effective research culture between academic institutions and schools, by making recommendations for the transfer of research results into teacher education and schools. Circulation in RECITE means coherence between research and practice, through co-creation in the production and sharing of knowledge in relation to teacher education and schools.  

The RECITE project will map current research in teacher education as well as researchers’ and teachers’ interests in future research topics. Needs and wishes from a school perspective will also be mapped in this relation. The aim of the mapping exercise is to clarify the current circulation of research and to work out innovative local research strategies and transnational guidelines for the future. Accordingly, the project will recommend innovative and sustainable changes in governance structures and procedures in order to improve research relevance and impact in practice. Thereby, we can enhance collaboration and coherence between research knowledge, professional knowledge in teacher education and practical knowledge in schools, using shared experiences and improving competences in all these fields.

All activities undertaken in RECITE and the resulting changes in research strategies will be illustrated in each partner institution at a local and regional level by giving concrete examples of ‘how’ these changes are made and ‘what’ results are expected to be. Results of research and of improved teaching and learning  practices in schools and classrooms should be fed back into teacher education. Accordingly, teacher education will become more relevant regarding school practice and the latest research results. Teacher educators play a central role as they combine research activities, teaching and collaboration with school teachers. As a consequence of RECITE, teacher students will receive higher quality teaching, combining research and practical knowledge – RECITE will thus support teacher education in educating future practitioners (local and regional) with updated knowledge and skills.


ΟΜΕΡ: World Organization for Early Childhood Education