Multidisciplinary Research Units (MRUs)

The Centre consists of 7 Multidisciplinary Research Units (MRUs) with an inter-disciplinary group of experts and researchers.

MRU 1: Society, Language and Culture Research Unit (coordination: Prof. Marios Vryonides)

MRU1 aims at four areas of contribution: Sociology, Socio-and applied linguistics, Cultural Studies and Political Studies. These areas mutually reinforce each other, since the MRU’s focus on research approaches supports the other components and this along with deliverables from research are disseminated through community engagement.

MRU 2: Assistive Technology, Disabilities and Inclusive Education Research Unit (coordination: Dr. Katerina Mavrou)

MRU 2 aims at an interdisciplinary approach to the field of Assistive Technology and accessibility, through the development and implementation of innovative and effective approaches to research, to education, to rehabilitation and to every-day life with the use of assistive technology for people with disabilities of all ages.

MRU 3: STEM Education Research Unit (coordination: Dr. Loucas Louca)

MRU 3 aims at working with stakeholders of STEM education in Cyprus – public and private education, teacher communities and educational institutions and services – to contribute towards the building of the necessary foundations to encourage innovative approaches in research, teaching and learning in STEM Education.

MRU 4: Cultural Studies and Contemporary Arts Research Unit (coordination: Dr. Elena Stylianou)

MRU 4 aims at engaging in innovative and cutting-edge research, crossing and combining various areas of study relating to the contemporary visual arts such as, arts history and theory; museum and curatorial studies; and media and cultural studies. It also investigates new approaches to researching in the arts that bridge theory and practice, while building a network of scholars, practitioners, and various cultural institutions for the broader engagement and promotion of the arts in Cyprus. 

MRU5: Early Childhood Research Unit (coordination: Dr. Chrystalla Papademetri)

MRU 5 aims at supporting research and teaching experience with a positive effect on the development of early childhood educators. The unit also aims to empower research on the common ground between highly and internationally Early Childhood Education approaches, contemporary theories of learning and up-to-date trends in education.

MRU 6: LifeLong Music Engagement Research Unit (coordination: Dr. Maria Papazachariou)

MRU 6 aims at exploring, understanding and promoting research in music engagement through innovative research methodologies, interdisciplinary approaches and cross-boundaries collaborations across various academic fields relating to music experience, music education, and well-being. 

MRU 7: History, Archaeology and Heritage Management Research Unit (coordination: Dr. Panos Christodoulou)

MRU 7 aims at supporting and promoting innovative, disruptive and cutting-edge research and research-based teaching in Hellenic Studies, and especially in the areas of specialization of history, archaeology and art, and heritage management. It also aims to provide a toolkit of transferable research and analytical skills towards bridging theory and practice, creating and expanding networks of scholars/researchers, practitioners and institutions, and contributing to research and teaching collaborations across countries and disciplines.