On Saturday 14 May 2022, the LifeLong Music Engagement Research Unit, SOSCIEATH, at European University Cyprus, hosted Prof. Randall Everett Allsup in an online seminar entitled: Creative open-ended teaching.

Prof. Randall Everett Allsup is a Professor of Music and Music Education, Teachers College, Columbia University New York. He is a leading scholar and, music educator; editor of the “Counterpoints: Music and Education” series (Indiana University Press). His research interests lie in the fields of Instrumental Music Education, Teacher Education, Philosophies of Music and Arts Education, Classroom Creativity and Democratic Education, Social Justice and Equity, and Urban Education. 

In an effort to build a network of scholars, practitioners, and students engaged in the study and promotion of music teaching-learning, the LifeLong Music Engagement Research Unit, encouraged discussion between Prof. Randall Allsup and postgraduate and doctoral students at EUC, renegotiating pedagogical approaches in music teaching that are open and creative, fostering democracy in music education.

By sharing experiences and values regarding creative teaching strategies and open-ended practices, the music education community envisions advancing new relationships to art and practice and facilitating health and well-being among participants.

Μουσικοπαιδαγωγικές δράσεις με τη γλώσσα δημιουργικού προγραμματισμού SonicPi.

Προσκαλείστε στο διαδικτυακό εργαστήριο με τίτλο «Μουσικοπαιδαγωγικές δράσεις με τη γλώσσα δημιουργικού προγραμματισμού Sonic Pi», που διοργανώνει το LifeLong Music Engagement Research Unit. Το εργαστήριο είναι εισαγωγικού επιπέδου και για τη συμμετοχή, δεν απαιτούνται προηγούμενες γνώσεις προγραμματισμού.

Προσφέρεται δωρεάν

Κυριακή 19/12/21, και ώρα 10:00-14:00

Παρουσιάζει ο Γιάννης Μυγδάνης

Συντονίζει η Δρ. Μαρία Παπαζαχαρίου-Χριστοφόρου

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Ο αριθμός των εγγραφών είναι περιορισμένος και θα τηρηθεί σειρά προτεραιότητας.

Θα σταλεί σύνδεσμος για την παρακολούθηση του εργαστηρίου στην ηλεκτρονική σας διεύθυνση, πριν την ημερομηνία διεξαγωγής του εργαστηρίου.

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Σειρά διαδικτυακών διαλέξεων με θέμα: Μουσικές Ταυτότητες

Προσκαλείστε στις ανοιχτές διαδικτυακές διαλέξεις που διοργανώνει η ερευνητική μονάδα Διά – Βίου Μουσικής Ενασχόλησης με κεντρικό άξονα τις μουσικές ταυτότητες οι οποίες είναι δωρεάν και απευθύνονται σε μουσικούς, εκπαιδευτικούς, μουσικοπαιδαγωγούς, μουσικοθεραπευτές, καθώς και στο ευρύ κοινό που ενδιαφέρεται για θέματα μουσικών ταυτοτήτων και μουσικής ενασχόλησης.

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Current technologies and digital media in music lessons: Introduction to the Scratch programming language and the Makey-Makey interface – Presented by Yiannis Mygdanis (PhD student in Music Education, European University Cyprus)SUNDAY 6/12/20 (3hrs) & 20/12/2020 (2hrs)

The rapid changes in the modern digital age transform the daily ways in which children interact with music, shaping their musical experiences and tastes. In this context, teachers should consider seriously the needs of students for music engagement through digital media. The offered workshop proposes integrating new technologies in music teaching-learning context, in formal and informal learning environments, based on the interdisciplinary STEAM model. Through specific activities, teachers will understand the visual ScratchTM programming language and the Makey-MakeyTM interface and their use in-house and distance learning process. In collaboration with their students, participants will be able to develop musical applications, which they will connect with improvised electronic instruments that they will build using cables and conductive materials. The integration of these digital tools into the music classroom can broaden the ways of music teaching and learning, leading to new forms of sound and music exploration, creation and expression, reflecting new digital and multimodal musical literacy and, more broadly, modern society.

Workshop Aim: The workshop aims to integrate new technologies in music lessons as an educational proposal based on the interdisciplinary model STEAM. The ultimate goal is the awareness of teachers with visual programming and the use of interfaces, the ways of integration in music pedagogical activities, the possibilities of new forms of sound and music exploration, expression and creativity they offer, as well as the development of educational material adapted to the needs of each music. order.

Teachers are expected to use the visual ScratchTM programming language, as well as the Makey-MakeyTM interface.


  • Familiarity with the ScratchTM visual programming language and the Makey-MakeyTM interface
  • Understand ScratchTM functions with an emphasis on audio production and processing
  • Analyze and understand the wiring of the Makey-MakeyTM interface
  • Development of music programs in the ScratchTM environment and the interface with Makey-MakeyTM
  • Manufacture of music applications and improvised electronic instruments

The workshop will focus on the current trends and methodological approaches of music pedagogy. The main orientation will be developing creativity and critical ability through experimentation (musical and technological), practical application and discovery, drawing on the tools of teamwork, interdisciplinarity, and multimodality.

Yannis Mygdanis is a Ph.D. student in Music Education at the European University of Cyprus (E.U.C.). He holds a master’s degree in Music Education (E.U.C.) and Information Systems (A.U.E.B.) while completing his third master’s in Advanced Teaching (UoPeople). He has received his bachelor’s degrees in Music Studies (E.K.P.A.) and Computer Science (A.U.E.B.), completed his studies in piano, electronic organ (DipLCM), and advanced music theory (Harmony, Counterpoint, Flight, and Band Conducting), and received his diploma in Choir Conducting and Musical Composition with “Excellent and First Prize.” He has participated as a presenter in more than 20 international scientific conferences on music, education, and technology, and his articles have been published in conference proceedings and scientific journals. He has written music for theater, short films, and fairy tales. His musical scores “Toccata for piano” and “Thymises for prepared piano” have been published by Poeta Publications. In 2017 he released his first work in discography entitled “Idanikes Fones” in poetry by C. P. Cavafy from the Entypois Publications. In 2019, Protasis Music and Bo-Synthesis released the digital singles “Small Suite in Red Major” in poetry by Giannis Ritsou, “A word is dead…” in poetry by Emily Dickinson, and “About living…” in poetry by Nazim Hikmet. He is a member of G.S.Μ.Ε. and I.S.M.E. He works as a music teacher at Municipal Conservatory of Maroussi and Ilioupoli, as well as as a music teacher of the International Baccalaureate (I.B.D.P.) at the Ionios School.

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Workshop Results

Projects created during the workshop

Professional Development of in -service Music Teachers and Academic Development of EUC Students presented by Prof. Randall Allsup, Teachers College, Columbia University, NY

Title: “Remixing the Music Classroom”

Abstract: The intent of this seminar – workshop is to examine and reflect on new pedagogical approaches in Music Education, that enhance democratic teaching – learning contexts supporting new philosophical framework for contemporary music education (November 2021)

Audience: Music Educators, Students

Past Events

Living music in early childhood: between theory and practice:

Music engagement from birth has a fundamental power to alter a child’s brain and to build a strong parent-child emotional bond. Active music engagement in early childhood fosters cognition, sensory awareness, listening and speaking skills, social interaction, and psycho kinesthetic development. This project intends to examine and reflect on the importance of music education in early childhood, connecting the theoretical and pedagogical framework and the practical applications in music classes and at home. The examination of the influence of music on children in changing societies will assure every child’s right to musical development, enhancing the quality of children’s lives. Seminars, workshops, and lectures are offered regularly, focusing on the work of Vygotsky, Montessori, and Edwin Gordon. Enjoy music engagement and encourage lifelong connections with music. Music promotes Mindfulness, Well-being, and Spirituality!